Zombie Team Building

How To Play

One of the best way to build team spirit (or just a sense of unity in any group) is through old fashioned having fun together. This game is specifically designed for big groups, so the more the merrier! Play and switch up the teams as needed, and remember, the point is to have fun!


Time Needed: 20 minutes
Group Size: At least 15 people
Materials: A space big enough to run (and hide) in.


There will be three teams, the Zombies, the Survivors, and the Helpers.

The goal of this game is for the Survivors to get to “the safe area” without being tagged by a zombie. This can be anything a room, a playground, some grass, etc. Wherever you choose is where the Zombies and the Helpers start off.

After you choose the “safe area”, the Survivors will have to run to a spot where they think is secretive enough for the zombies not to tag them.

A minute after the Survivors find their hiding spot, the Zombies are release to try and tag them.

A minute later the Helpers are set free, as well. The Helpers job is to lead/guide the Survivors back to the starting point without them getting tagged by the Zombies. Zombies cannot tag Helpers, so that gives the Survivors a better chance to get back safer.

The Helpers can circle around a group of Survivors to take them back or they can run behind the Survivors.

If one of the Survivors get tagged by a Zombie, they become one. So be careful to watch out for zombies!

The Survivor/ Survivors that make it back to the starting point without getting tagged wins! 😀


Additional Rules:

– Make sure you split up the teams where there are more Zombies then Survivors and Helpers.
– This game works best when you have a large group of people, and is harder the less Survivors/Helps and more Zombies there are!
– Zombies are allowed to reach through gaps that Helpers don’t cover when they surround Survivors.

I hope you enjoy!

This game was originally found here.


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