Greta Woodward is a Wonder Woman!

There are a few times when doing this job that are hearts are touched and I have to cry. This was one of those times. Gretta Woodward is Natalie Murdock’s mother and Gretta has breast cancer.  Natalie gave me a call and asked if we could do shirts for her family and her mother because her mother was going through all the fun stuff of Breast Cancer. We loved being trusted enough to be a part of their journey. What nice people this family is.

My son went to the shop to print the shirts but when he got to Gretta’s (Natalie’s Mom) shirt, he played around with it a bit and changed it up a bit. He made the ribbon pink and the rest of the design white.  I just love how it turned out.

We think of this family often and hope and pray that Gretta regains her health quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Jason R. Workman Memorial Ride