People Bingo


Getting to know each other in a quick and easy way, and breaking the ice before a group event, this game works for every time of get together.

Have players list something few people know about them. Arrange these little known player facts on a grid much like a bingo card. Then when your players get together hand them all a bingo card. Tell them to go around and individually talk with their teammates to find out more about them. They should then put the initials of the person associated with each personal fact in the appropriate square until they have so many initials in a row or have filled their card.

Coming together

This game doesn’t have to take up much time, but it can still be extremely useful in building and maintaining a healthy dynamic in your school, workplace, or other. Member learn things about each other they might not have otherwise, and it gives everyone a chance to take a break from what they’ve been doing and relax a little bit.


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