Why I stand for the flag, every time!

Rant Ahead! To be honest, I’ve never gotten the point of “Professional Sports” with the exception of rodeo – cause rodeos are awesome! Maybe it’s cause I suck at any sport that does not involve a firearm, then I suck less. I completely get school sports, but paying adults to play sports is beyond me. They are basically the same as actors, paid to entertain. Paid a lot! Then these paid to play entertainers disrespect our Nation? The Nation where they choose to live? It’s baffling! The National Anthem is about America, about those that have sacrificed, are sacrificing, and will sacrifice to protect our Nation. It’s not about race or politics. It’s AMERICA! When they disrespect my country they disrespect me, they disrespect you, they disrespect those that are willing to stand and sacrifice, and they disrespect themselves. Those willing to stand and sacrifice don’t bring home big dollars, some don’t come home. I support Trump. I have no use for people that disrespect America.

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