Group Survivor

Plane Crash

Teambuilding. problem-solving, a fun trip, and a plane crash all ads up to an awesome group survivor game.
This activity may seem simple at the beginning, but it is a true challenge that will motivate your group and boost morale upon completion!

Time Needed: 20 minutes
Group Size: 15-20 participants
Materials: Blindfolds (enough for everyone), large rope with the ends tied together (big enough for everyone to sit inside).

Directions: Begin by telling the group about a trip that they are going on and how excited they are to be going but that, unfortunately, on their way there the plane crashed. Luckily, they all survived, but everyone was blinded in the crash. The good news is that a rescue plane is looking for them and will fly overhead in 6 minutes. However, this is a special rescue plane and will only respond to a specific symbol. It will only save them if they are all seated inside a rope in the shape of a triangle with one arm raised in the air. AND, after 3 minutes the crashed plane is going to explode, which is going to cause them all to lose the use of their vocal cords (so after 3 minutes they can no longer talk).

Who are the survivors? 

Ask the group to put on their blindfolds. Once everyone is blindfolded, hide the rope somewhere in your group’s area. As you do so, remind them that their goal is to find the rope, get it in the shape of a triangle, sit inside of it with one arm raised – all in 6 minutes – but that after 3 minutes they will no longer be able to talk. Once the rope is hidden, start the time and tell them to begin. Be sure to give them time updates, and at 3 minutes make the sound of a great explosion and tell them that they can no longer speak.