Bow tie back cut t-shirt tutorial

This cut t-shirt project was so easy and so much fun! This bow tie back cut t-shirt tutorial is so easy to do.  It only took us 30 minutes to get it done start to finish! I swear! The supplies are very inexpensive and you probably have them lying around the house. Except for the lace. I had to go and get the lace for these bow tie back cut t-shirts.

So how do you make this amazing t-shirt?

Step 1: Collect your Supplies

  1. 1 t-shirt (buy one new or use one that still lobow-tie-back-cut-t-shirtoks nice on the front.
  2. Scissors (we used a pair of large scissors and a pair of small scissors. This is not necessary, but definitely made it easier to cut in different places. )
  3. Half a yard of lace (Whatever color you like. You could even use a piece of another t-shirt here. Just use your great design skills.)
  4. Needle and thread (Thread to match the lace.)
  5. Brown Paper bag (Or cardboard, or cardstock, etc. Just something to put between your scissors and the front side of the t-shirt.

Step 2: Start Cuttingbow-tie-back-cut-t-shirt

The first step of this process is to cut the band off around the neck. We used the smaller pair of the scissors for this. Just go in and carefully cut close the neck band. Just cut all around the neck opening until it is all cut off.  When you are finished it should look like this picture.


Step 3: Make 4 straightish cuts

bow tie back cut t-shirt

See how she uses her hands to get the spacing right?

First, slide the paper bag or whatever you have available, inside of the t-shirt. This is protection from accidentally cutting the front side of the t-shirt.

Now it is time to cut. We used the larger scissors for this. You can use smaller ones, but the larger ones were a lot easier. Don’t stress about this! You will start in the center and make 4 straight cuts down the back of the t-shirt.   If they are sort of straight, great! Obviously, vertical cuts won’t be ok. But if your cuts are generally horizontal you should be fine.

She just used her hand to make the cut lines equal distance from one another. Or you could use a ruler or your phone, just use something that will help you keep the lines sort of equal.

Step 4: Cut the laCut t-shirts, bow tie back,how-to cut, a-bow-tie-back-cut-t-shirtce

Scrunch up the top cut portion of your t-shirt, this will be the first bow tie.  Now wrap the lace around it to give you an idea of where to cut. Give yourself a little extra length. Just use this piece as a guide to cut the other 3 pieces.

cut t-shirt, bow tie back, how to cut a t-shirt,bow-tie-back-cut-t-shirtStep 5: Sew

Don’t let the word sew scare you. No one will ever see the stitches. You just wrap the lace around the cut piece of the t-shirt and then sew then ends together. Make it snug but not too tight. Line up all 4 of the pieces of lace so that they are in a straight line. You can go back and make a few stitches in the lace and t-shirt to keep them in place if you would like. But this is not mandatory.

Guess what?

You are all done! Now go put on your awesome bow t-shirt and see how magical it makes you feel.  Amazing right? Can you believe that you could learn how to cut a t-shirt and it only takes less than 30 minutes.

cut t-shirt, bow tie back, how to cut a t-shirt,bow-tie-back-cut-t-shirt