5 Steps to Surviving Team Communication

Civil War

From family feuding to workplace wars, working, playing or even just living with other people can be difficult. What makes some groups thrive while others are in the middle of “Civil War: Where are my freaking leftovers!?” team communication. Any random (or not so random) bunching of people is bound to have its own struggles, so many different personalities coming together is going to create friction, the question is how to use that friction to move forward, instead of just rubbing holes in everything?

While it may not bring back your stolen lasagna, here are 5 ways for surviving team communication.


5 Tools

Have clear group goals

When we’re all working toward something together, it’s easier to have patience and get things done. A small goal could be to stop eating each others food (*cough*)

Establish Trust

Any solid relationship is built on trust. Being able to rely on those around you is an important part of life in general. Establishing trust is an important step in team communication and takes time and baby steps, one person gives a little and the other person gives a little bit back.

“I’m not going to eat this doughnut of yours because I trust you *uchmm* not to eat my lunch for the third day in a row.”

Define responsibilities

Who’s in charge of what is often a point of conflict in any group setting, especially when each believes someone else was in charge of something. A good way to avoid further friction is to exactly what each member is expected to take care of and when.

“I will take care of my own damn food I left in the fridge.”

Celebrate Wins

It’s easy to take team members for granted, especially when they are doing what they’re expected to. Sometimes we tend to focus on the negative, like someone eating your lunch…. Instead of the positive, that at least they didn’t take your Dew too. Oh wait. They did.


“Hello Helen, I’m really looking forward to eating my lunch today. I saw you brought your own yesterday, good for you! Don’t worry about clean up, there won’t be much to do after I eat my lunch. Have a great day!”

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