14 Gifts for Your Valentine You Can Find in San Juan County

V-day In SJ County

It’s almost Valentines Day, and we all know that anyone who’s lived/been to San Juan county loves it as much (or more 😉 ) than their “better half.” So, to help you show both loves of your live, just how deep your feelings for them are, we’ve pulled together a list of a few ideas to give your cuddle buddy, all while supporting the area you love.

So get reading, and then get shopping, you don’t have much time left to find that perfect gift!

1. Custom Knives

Nothing says I love you like a new knife. From kitchen knives to cooking knives, everyone needs a good knife. For the hunter, cook, or someone who just likes pretty knives. Why give a boring gift when you can give life on the edge?

2. New Book 

Your bookworm will thank you a million times over. And over again. The only thing better to a bookworm would be a book PLUS a few hours of guaranteed quiet time. San Juan Record has an entire bookstore of great options to check out. Don’t know what they’d like to read? Get them a gift card and watch them breakdown in happy tears when you give it to them.

3. Custom Hardwood Cutting Boards 

Hand made by Bud Humphrey, these one of a kind cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes. They’re are the perfect gift for anyone who likes food (especially cheese) or entertaining. Combine it with a colorful set of cheese knives and you have a unique, and beautiful gift! Found at Jackalope Trading Company

4. Hand Made Quilt 

Nothing says love quite like a hand made quilt. Don’t have the time to make one? Straight up don’t have the skills//money/motivation to invest in making one? Neither do we, stop Enchanted Gifts and Treasures and pick from any of their ready-made quilts for gift that keeps them warm when your not there to do it.

5. Beauty Treatment  

Pamper that special lady (or guy) in your life The Bakery Tanning Co. and Sam’s studio offer just about everything beauty treatment one could want. Aside from tanning, they offer eyelash extensions, gel nails and pedicures. And, let’s be honest, most guys need a pedicure way more than any girl does.

6. Desert Adventure

Marriage, dating, loving anyone really, is an adventure. Wild Expeditions in Bluff, North Wash Outfitters in Blanding, and Roam Industries in Monticello may not be the same type of adventure, but you get to discover new (or old) parts of San Juan County and fall in love with them again or for the first time (and maybe you’ll reconnect with your adventure buddy too 😉 ). Snag a gift card for an adventure that they won’t soon forget. Rock climbing, rappelling, and canyoneering, there’s an adventure for everyone and memories that will last a lifetime.

7. Staycation

Sometimes, all you need is a vacation, but without all the inconviences of trying to figure out a new place. San Juan County is so amazing, you don’t even have to leave to find yourself in a vacation oasis. Take your honey on a vacation minus all the stress! Head to the Desert Rose Inn in Bluff, Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley, or any adorable AirBNB throughout the county. AND, Airbnb Family Retreats offers customized, monogrammed blankets for couples looking to “get away” for the weekend or so.

8. Art Supplies 

Do you have an artist in your life, maybe a grown adult who still likes to color like a child? What about someone that wants to… “art” but doesn’t know where to start? Stop by the San Juan Pharmacy in Blanding and choose from tons of adult coloring books, markers, oil paints, and coloring pencils. This selection is a dream come true. Bonus! Every time your artist sits down to do what they love they will think of you and your incredible gift giving.

9. One of a Kind Jewelry 

Unique, one of a kind bracelets and jewelry available at Artisan Jewelers. There’s something for everyone, from gold nuggets, collectible coins, and rocks and minerals, to custom jewelry design and repairs. Take a wander through, one of their experts would be happy to help you find the perfect something for your perfect(ish) person.

10. Fishing Supplies

Ice fishing season is here or will be here soon. Get your ice fisherman, or fisherwoman, everything they need to catch the largest exaggerated fish they have ever seen. NAPA in Blanding, and Ace Hardware both have all the things you need to put together the ultimate fishing basket. AND they both have great teams that will help you assemble just what you need.

11. Custom Designed T-Shirts  

Got something to say? Are your jokes so funny they should be immortalized for your significant other to enjoy? Want to profess your love in a original way? Anything you can dream up, Bear Skins Custom Ink can print out onto a shirt, a hoodie, a blanket, a hat, anything you can imagine.

Low on ideas? Bear Skins can help you be more clever than you really are.

Their pinterest page is a great place to start looking for ideas and pulling things together.

12. The *Perfect* San Juan County Date

A simple date is sometimes just want we need to feel loved and appreciated. Start by a trip to on of our local thrift stores to find the “perfect” *wink* *wink* outfit for each other. Then, head out and get some Wagon Wheel pizza, or Patio burgers, or steaks or burritos, or whatever (San Juan has more options than you think) for dinner. Next, hit up the bowling alley, go see a movie, throw some axes at Pop’s Burritos or pack up a gun and some ammo and go to the shooting range. Wrap it all up with some ice cream or fro-yo and you’ve got you’re very own 100% San Juan County inspired date!

13. Custom Bracelet  

Give words of love, encouragement, or just plain words in a permanent, portable form to your sweetheart with handmade metal etched bracelets from Affinity Custom. Cute and comfy, with a leather cuff to complete your words of love.

14. Spa Treatment

Sometimes your just need to be pampered. H+ Aesthetics and Bluff Dwellings Resort offer spa treatments that go above and beyond. They have all the options needed for that ultimate gift of relaxation.

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